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Packaging guide, tips and must-knows

How to pack your items for secure and easy transaction

Our collection service offers get variability regarding any restrictions. Our advice is to box the items/s but a bag or even a bin bag can still bring the same security as long as packed correctly.

Top tips packing


Stick to our maximum weight per parcel of 30kg: if you feel or know the parcel will be heavier, we can arrange for 2 or even more parcels to be collected.

Maximum size is of each parcel is 24 x 18 x 18 inches - but most likely you will need much smaller. Boxes are great way to raise percentage of successful protection.

Pack your parcels well with anything you can get your hands on - whether it will be bubble wrap, newspapers, cardboard sheets etc. to create ultimate security and to cushion the products during delivery to us. Cartridges out of their box or even without original box will need even greater protection than with proper box packaging.

Do not pull tags or anything to cause the printer consumable to open;this will not be a option for us to take as the item will be classed as use.

Do not open your box of your item you have for sale - we do take these but can affect your price which we would like to try and avoid.

Once quote is confirmed, we will send over your label for confirmation, we appreciate printing off this label and sticking to your parcel, however writing our delivery address will suffice.


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