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Highlighting The Printer Consumables That You Can’t Live Without

If you were to try and rank the appliances situated within your office in terms of their importance, the likelihood is that your printer would feature relatively close to the top of the list. Upon closer inspection, this is not overly surprising - it will be in-use on a daily-basis, and can save you a substantial amount of hassle. Despite this, there are other printer consumables and accessories, aside from ink cartridges and toner cartridges, that you cannot do without, and Trade Your Toner are here to shed some light on these.


Picture the scene: you have recently completed a large-scale business transaction, and you are left with an abundance of files and papers that you do not know what you should do with. Whilst you could simply decide to put them in the bin, this certainly could lead to privacy breaches - sensitive information could land in the hands of people that it is not supposed to. If you want to prevent this scenario from coming true, your best-bet would be to invest in a shredder; it will change the way you dispose of documents in the future.


Although they are perhaps not quite as popular as they were in the past, you should not completely disregard obtaining a scanner before giving it some serious thought. The resolution that these units offer is still, to this day, unparalleled - whether you are running documents or photographs through your scanner, they will appear crystal clear. Despite being similar to the classic photocopier, a scanner is supreme, due to the fact that they are significantly smaller and far-more efficient.


The argument can certainly be made that projectors are more commonly thought-of as a computer accessory, as opposed to a printer consumable. Were you to look at the situation from a broader perspective, that being said, you would see that they can be considered something of a package. When you are planning a major presentation, be it to your colleagues or to prospective investors, you need to make sure that you are ready for every eventuality. Whatsmore, you want to have an air of professionalism around you. A projector can certainly help you to achieve these goals, and therefore you don’t want to skip over it.

Wireless Router

There will no-doubt be some individuals that do not see how a wireless router can be placed in the same category as some of the other appliances that have made it onto this list. In some respects, it is true that it is not a typical accessory that you would associate with a printer. That being said, it is still a vital part in the way in which printers work in the modern age; rather than having to become entangled in a seething mass of wires, a router can allow you to maintain order and decorum.

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