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How to Sell your Surplus Toner in Three Simple Steps

If you’re looking to sell your toner but don’t want any of the hassle often associated with recycling companies, then you should work with our team at Trade Your Toner. We know how important being simple and convenient is for all our customers, which is why we’re committed to bringing the smoothest service for you. With friendly technical support and a simple process from start to finish; you don’t even have to pay anything for us to take your cartridges from you. With our help, you can sell your new and used toner in just three easy steps. 

  • Tell Us What Cartridges you Have

  • The first step to selling your toner and ink cartridges is to let us know what you have. This couldn’t be easier with our easy, online form. No matter how many cartridges you might have, we can work with you. Whether you want to sell one cartridge or hundreds of them, we have a policy that doesn’t cap the maximum or the minimum, just let us know. All we need to know is the quantity and the type of cartridges you have and whether they’re used or new. 

    If you’re struggling to complete our form, then you can always contact our team. They can offer you the answers you need to help you to fill out your form. Our live chat, email, and phone access mean that you can contact us anytime. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and part of that is making sure that we’re always available to answer any questions that you may have. You can speak to our team at any point of time in the selling process, so you can have our full support whenever you need it. 

  • Receive a Quote

  • The next step is even easier for you because we’ll do all the hard work. Our team of experts will evaluate the information that you have given us and generate a quote as a response. This quote will come from a complete and honest assessment, giving you exactly what your cartridges are worth. We even have a promise to price match your quote with any other that you might find. We’re confident you’ll never be unsatisfied with our quote because we’re committed to offering you a service that is unrivalled.

  • Wait for Us to Collect Them

  • We’re committed to making your sale as simple for you as possible, and collecting your cartridges ourselves is just one of the ways to do this. We don’t want you to end up spending the money from our transaction on postage, so we’re more than happy to pick them up ourselves. 

    Once your cartridges arrive at our facility, we’ll check that we’ve received what we were expecting and have the money be sent directly to your account. This instant payment means that you’re not waiting for weeks to see your side of the exchange. 

    It couldn’t be easier to work with us and if you’re unhappy at any time with our service, then feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. We can ship the items back to you free of charge, making it easier for you to sell your cartridges.

    Our easy service is one of the reasons why our team at Trade Your Toner is such a popular team to work with. You can get started on your sale journey by reading more on our website or you can give us a call on 01223 756442 to find out more.

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