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How You Can Sell your Unused Toner

Do you have surplus toner laying around in your home or office - and are not too sure what to do with it? Perhaps you bought the wrong sized toner cartridges for your printer, or maybe you’ve upgraded your printer to a new model that no longer takes the cartridges you have so you now have unused toner cartridges in your possession. 

Welcome Trade Your Toner, we buy your unused toner cartridges and printer consumables in exchange for cash. No one wants to have extra toner cartridges cluttering up their drawers, which is why we provide you with a quote for your cartridges quickly and can arrange to collect them at a time and date that suits you in exchange for money. If you have unused toner that you’d like to sell, keep reading to find out more about how to do so with Trade Your Toner.

Don’t Throw your Unused Toner Away

Toner cartridges are made mainly from plastic and you don’t want your unused toner cartridge to cause a negative and damaging impact on our environment  by just discarding them in the bin. They may end up in a landfill, where the ink could leak and destroy the surrounding environment, or in an incinerator where toxic gas will be released as your cartridges are burnt. So put your surplus toner cartridges to good use by selling them to Trade Your Toner.

We Buy all Genuine Manufactured Brands and Quantities

We take all manufacturers and brands of toner - so whether your toner is Canon, HP, Brother, Samsung, or OKI, we will buy it. We also buy any quantity of toner cartridges that you wish to sell. We deal daily with orders of as little as 1 and have dealt with orders as big as 1,000, so no order is too big or too small for us.

Honest Quotes with Expert Knowledge and Service

Our team at Trade Your Toner are experts when it comes to toner and printer consumables, and we will give you a complete and honest assessment of the toner that you are looking to sell with the price to match.

Quick Response to your Enquiry

Once you have sent us the information about the surplus toner that you wish to sell, we will respond quickly to get the process started. Customer satisfaction is a must for us, and we always pride ourselves on our quick response times and turnarounds. 

Our technical support team is always on hand and super helpful, so if you have any questions whilst you’re waiting for your quote you can contact us via our Online Chat tool or on the methods at the bottom of this post.

Free Collection

We will collect your used toner, completely free-of-charge on the date that you specify in your quotation form. As soon as you are happy with the quote that we have sent you -  we can arrange a collection fully paid by Trade Your Toner as soon as the next day. 

Get Paid Instantly

We guarantee a secure and instant payment for you once your toner cartridges have arrived with us and we have inspected them. You will be informed instantly of payment via either BACS or Paypal, dependent on your choice. 

To get started with selling your unused toner, you can fill in our quotation form to help us know more about your printer consumables. All that we will need to know is some information on the type of toner you wish to sell, the manufacturer, the amount, whether they are open and then we will send you a quote within 1-2 hours for your unused toner. 

Want to Speak to a Member of our Team?

If you have any questions about selling your surplus toner cartridges, our expert, friendly team will be happy to help. No question is too big or too small, and our team is always on hand to help. We aim to reply quickly to all queries that we receive. You can give us a call on 01223 756442 or email us at for any help or support. We also have a Live Chat option on our website for even quicker replies.

Friendly Technical Support

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Free Collection

You don't need to pay us anything!

Get Paid Instantly

We guarantee a secure and an instant payment for you!