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Printer Manufacturers: Highlighting The Most-Popular Options

When you are on the hunt for a brand-new printer, there are a seemingly-endless number of options available to you. Manufacturers far-and-wide will profess to be the best, and each of them will point towards a certain factor that may entice you to commit to one of their units. If this is your first-time replacing a printer, you might feel a little bit lost, and subsequently need some guidance. Here to fulfil this role for you, and hopefully help you to enjoy a first-class outcome, are the Trade Your Toner team.


If ever there was a manufacturer that you could trust to supply you with a top-of-the-range printer, it would be HP. This is a brand that is synonymous with producing printers that are, to put it simply, revolutionary. It does not matter if you are simply needing to get hard copies of official documents, or you want a machine that can do the family pictures that you took on holiday justice. Their products are second-to-none from a quality perspective, hence their unused printer cartridges are always in demand. 


Usually, when you hear the name Canon, you immediately think of the range of cameras that they have developed; this is certainly the collection that put them on the map, and these products have allowed them to become something of a household name. That being said, you should not disregard their fantastic printer catalogue. These units are renowned for their high-quality finishes, particularly if you are routinely looking to print in colour. It is for this reason that unused toners for these machines command a high price.


To some of you, this may be a name that is slightly unfamiliar, and there is a very good reason for this - due to the fact that Brother specialises in wireless printers, it has taken them slightly longer to see their stature in this industry go. However, in the past decade, they have gone for strength-to-strength, and this is evident when you look at the sheer number of products that they currently have in circulation. Were you to discover that you are blessed with excess cartridges, you will be thrilled to learn that there is money to be made from these.

Why Come To Us

Now that you are well-acquainted with the high-end printer brands that are on the market, we feel that the time has come to give you more of an insight as to what you can expect from Trade Your Toner. In essence, we have built a reputation for ourselves as being one of the UK’s most notable recycling companies when it comes to toner cartridges. If you were to glance at some of our Google Reviews, you would quickly see that our previous customers hold us in high-regard.

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Do you find yourself typing ‘where to sell ink cartridges’ into well-known Internet search engines on an increasingly-frequent basis, but remain unsure of the correct answer? Have you found that you have piles-upon-piles of ink and toner cartridges in sealed boxes, with nowhere to put them? In situations such as those that we have described, your best-bet would be to turn to Trade Your Toner for assistance. We take pride in taking surplus toners and unused ink cartridges off of our customer’s hands, and offering them a fair price for these units. Selling your toners is a great way in which to boost your finances, whilst simultaneously ridding yourself of empty cartridges. To learn more about us, and the printer cartridge recycling service that we offer, please don’t hesitate to message us at

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