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The Questions Commonly Asked About Toner Cartridges

Despite what other people have to say, the fact of the matter is that printers still have an incredibly important role to play - this is particularly true within the world of business. Day-after-day, companies are required to print-out large numbers of documents, and there are no-signs to suggest that this is a trend that is coming to an end. For those of you that often make-use of a printer, you may have a couple of queries in relation to how they work. More-specifically, you might want to familiarise yourself with the ins-and-outs of toner cartridges; in this department, Trade Your Toner will gladly assist you.

‘Do they need to be from the same manufacturer?’

If you are dealing with a manufacturer directly, they will likely try and do everything in their power to make sure that you purchase their toner cartridges. This, after-all, will allow them to make more money, which is the primary objective of their business. However, it will not take you long to source compatible cartridges that can easily be installed within your device, thereby ensuring that you are not left with an empty bank account.

‘How should I store them?’

For some of you, the best course of action is to acquire toner cartridges in bulk - this can save you money in the long-run, as well as a significant amount of inconvenience. Whilst this is all well-and-good, it can lead to issues arising in relation to storage. To get the most out of your cartridges in the future, it is of paramount importance that you keep them out of direct sunlight. Similarly, unused cartridges cannot be subjected to excessive amounts of heat, as this can compromise the quality.

‘Why do people shake them?’

You might have noticed that there are certain individuals within your place of work that are prone to taking the toner cartridges out of the printer, and subsequently shaking them. There is an incredibly good reason for this, and it is because this can help to achieve an even distribution of the ink. If, for instance, you have seen a drop-off in your printing quality, this could be a quick-and-easy fix that does not cause you undue amounts of stress and hassle.

‘Can they be recycled?’

There will come a time when your toner cartridge has run-dry, meaning that you will be forced to purchase a brand-new unit. Not only this, but you will be required to dispose of your existing cartridge in a responsible manner - thankfully, this is a task that is easier than it sounds. Almost-all of the toner cartridges that are manufactured in this day-and-age can be recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion. Whatsmore, there are certain companies, such as Trade Your Toner, that will be more-than happy to pay you for these types of products.

A Quick Word About Us

If you find yourself in a position whereby you currently have a significant amount of toner surplus, you might find yourself searching for somewhere that you can offload these products. As we are sure you can imagine, there are not many firms that are routinely on the lookout for unused toner and other printer consumables. That being said, if you were to enlist the help of Trade Your Toner, we are sure you would be pleasantly surprised by the prices that you are quoted. On a daily basis, we look to acquire unused printer accessories and surplus toner cartridges; if this sounds like the type of service you would like to take advantage of, the number that you need to call is 01223 756442.

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