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What you Should Do with Unused Printer Ink Cartridges

Some companies may find that through bulk buying or underuse, they have accumulated a number of printer ink cartridges that are now just laying around waiting to be used or disposed of. If you are not sure what to do with old unused printer ink cartridges, then Trade Your Toner is pleased to provide you with suggestions on how to deal with them.

Before looking at what you should do with old unused printer ink cartridges, allow our team to show you some of the things that people commonly do with their cartridges, and why they may not be the best or most practical ideas. 

Keep them Stored Away 

Many people believe that having back ups is a good idea, and it is, but excessive amounts of back up ink cartridges can become more of a hindrance than they can help. This is because simply storing cartridges is going to take up space that could be used for something else, and when they are just laying around not being used, because you have so many, back up ink cartridges are a waste of money. This is especially the case if they dry up or expire as, when you do go to use them, they won’t print what you need them to. 

Throw them Away 

Owners of businesses have a duty of care when it comes to making sure that there is good waste management. Not only should as little waste as possible be produced, but all waste should be disposed of properly and in a legal manner. So while you may think that throwing away your cartridges is the most simple solution, you actually need to think about how you are disposing of them, and if you are sticking to legal requirements in order to keep your business out of trouble. Figuring out how to dispose of your cartridges can take up your time though which can disrupt your work productivity and ultimately, put you behind. 

Now that we have explained the negative methods of dealing with unused ink cartridges, let’s turn our attention to what to do with old unused printer ink cartridges. 

Sell Them to Trade Your Toner

Selling your unused cartridges to companies like Trade Your Toner is a practical option that covers all bases and provides you with the most benefits. If you decide you need the space that your ink cartridges are currently taking up, then selling them to a company like ours will free this space up for you, and you will even be getting paid for the decluttering too. The problems that you face when you store cartridges away, or when you are trying to figure out how to properly dispose of them are eliminated as well, which is also convenient.

At Trade Your Toner you can let us know what it is you are looking to sell and our team of experts can carry out a valuation of your products and provide you with a price. If you are happy to sell your product for the price offered, we’ll come and get your cartridges from you and take them away with no charge to you, and you’ll get your money immediately. 

You are now aware of what to do with old unused printer ink cartridges, and the benefits that you can receive because of it, so if you would like to discuss the services that Trade Your Toner can offer you in more detail, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01223 756442, or email us at

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