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When is it Time to Exchange your Printer Cartridges for Cash?

When your printer cartridges are no longer performing to the best of their ability you may find yourself with a dilemma as to what to do with them. Do you keep them, throw them away? No, when the time comes to get rid of them, the best solution for you is to exchange your printer cartridges for cash, and this is one of the services we offer at Trade Your Toner. Before exchanging your printer cartridges for cash, allow us to show you some of the indicative signs that you need to look into getting new cartridges and disposing of your old ones. 

Poor Quality Print Outs

Your printer cartridges are the essential ingredient to printing, as the ink or toner inside these cartridges is what is used to put the image or document from the computer screen onto the paper that you are printing on. One of the obvious signs your cartridges are coming to the end of their life is faults within the printing. 

These faults may come in the form of streaks or incomplete prints and if you are using coloured ink, you may also find that the colour has become faded, making it appear as though it is a different colour and making it more difficult to read. 

As a business, professionalism is exceptionally important and giving your clients poor quality documents is not going to put you in a good light. So, take the low-quality printing as a sign to remove and then get rid of your cartridges. 

Carry out Regular Checks 

Exchanging your cartridges for cash provides you with a financial reward, no matter how small, and can also get rid of unwanted items; however, you don’t want your work productivity to suffer because of it. By carrying out regular checks on your printer you may be able to get the benefits of both. 

Checking your printer at frequent intervals can give you the opportunity to look at the ink and toner levels, and detect any warning lights that have appeared indicating any of these low levels. This will give you the chance to replace your cartridges before they begin deteriorating the quality of your printing, which is a waste of time and paper, and then you can arrange to swap your cartridges for cash, with minimal downtime. 

 Disposing of your Cartridges

Now that you have seen some of the ways that you can identify when it’s time to swap your cartridges for cash, let us show you the benefits of getting rid of your cartridges in this fashion. Firstly, you are getting money for the simple act of giving us your printer cartridges, which is a benefit to you in both ways. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about working out a way to dispose of them, and this will also solve a storage problem as you won’t have to keep hold of them because you aren’t aware of the correct disposal method. 

How Can Trade Your Toner Assist you?

So if you are noticing problems with your printing and have decided that you would like to swap your cartridges for cash, then Trade Your Toner can help. Our services are quick and simple to follow; from our evaluations of your product, free collection and immediate payments. To discuss these services in more depth or to ask any questions, our experts will be happy to chat with you if you call 01223756442, and we can also correspond with you over email

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