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Why Might Your Business Have a Surplus of Toner?

Having excess stationery equipment such as toner can sometimes be the result of good planning, and the equipment can come in handy in emergencies, when stock has run low without realising; however, having too much surplus can be a waste of space and money. If you are currently struggling with this issue, then you may want to look into finding a surplus toner company that can relieve you of your excessive supply. 

Trade Your Toner is a great example of a surplus toner company that can offer an exchange of cash for your unused toner, taking the problem off of your hands and rewarding you financially at the same time. We have collated various reasons as to why you may find yourself in a situation with excess toner, and if these circumstances are applicable to you, then you may find yourself in need of a surplus toner company. 

Less Printing Required

One of the ways in which you may find yourself with an unwanted amount of toner, and in need of a solution to this problem, is if you’re experiencing a slow period in the day-to-day running of your operations, which might affect the amount of printing that you need to do, thus leaving you with unused toner. Even if your business output has remained the same during the pandemic, for example, the levels of printing may have slowed due to an alternative, paperless solution. 

Many companies will have brochures that are available as PDFs or simply found online, and even contracts can now be digitally signed. Unless a hardcopy is strictly necessary, having your documents online is a better option because it can help companies to play their part in lessening the number of trees being cut down, which during a time when caring for the environment is at a critical point, is becoming a much more popular option.

Unsure of Disposal Methods 

Businesses need to make sure that any waste that they produce is disposed of properly, in a method that is going to be safe, good for the environment and in line with any legal requirements, and having to figure all of this out is going to take away the time that you could be focusing on other aspects of your business. Putting this task off may be one of the reasons as to why your toner stock builds up, leaving you with much more than you need. 

Excessive Ordering 

It is understandable that businesses want to be prepared so that work productivity isn’t hindered by things such as no toner for printing documents, and this can prompt bulk buying. However, if the amount that you have purchased is too much, then you may find that you are stuck with an abundance of toner that you are not going to get through. So while it is good to be cautious about your stock, over-preparation may be doing you more harm than good. 

How Can Trade Your Toner Help?

So if you feel that your excessive quantity falls into one of the categories that we have listed above, then you may find it helpful to turn to a different solution for getting rid of what you don’t need. Trade Your Toner is a surplus toner company that will value and then buy your items, taking them off of your hands. It is an incredibly simple solution to a potentially frustrating problem, so if you are interested and want to get rid of your unused toner, then contact us today at or on 01223 756442. 

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